The Curse of Bobby Layne
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Rules of the Curse

The curse seems to only affects people and things directly associated with the Detroit Lions. This includes players, coaches, and management in addition to the overall team performance. The curse does not affect other Detroit sports team which can be proven by the fact that each major franchise has won several Championships over the life of the curse. It also does not affect other Detroit football teams since the Detroit Panthers also won a Championship since the curse began.

The Gypsies believe that the curse could only be stopped 2 ways. The first is that Layne himself would have to recant his statement, however since Layne died several years back it is doubtful this will happen. The second is that the fan's and their outrage that gave the curse its tremendous energy must forgive the Lions. The Red Wing and Red Sox (see "cursed teams") curses were lifted only after they defeated greatest rivals, creating a fan euphoria in their respective towns. Perhaps if the Lions were to find and beat up Osama, the curse might end due to fan euphoria but other than that I can't think of a rival hated enough to generate that kind of fan support.

The saying goes that "Bobby Layne never lost a game, he just ran out of time", well the same can be said for his curse, for nearly 50 years the Lions have tried to defeat it with no success, it seems now that all they can do is wait for Bobby's curse to "run out of time" in the fall of 2008.

Recent attempts at exorcism have not worked for the Lions, since they are not possessed, only cursed. To view one such attempt click below.