The Curse of Bobby Layne
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Lion Awards & Tributes

Hall of Famers

Lem Barney CB 1967-1977
Jack Christensen B 1951-1958
Earl Clark QB 1931-32, 34-38
Lou Creekmur T 1950-1959
Bill Dudley RB 1947-1949
Frank Gatski C 1957
John Henry Johnson RB 1957-59
Dick Lane DB 1960-1965
Yale Lary DB 1952-53, 56-64
Bobby Layne QB 1950-1958
Olie Matson RB 1963
Hugh McElheny RB 1964
Barry Sanders RB 1989-1998
Joe Schmidt LB 1953-1965
Doak Walker HB 1950-1955
Alex Wojciechowicz C 1938-1946


1991 Wayne Fontes -Coach of the Year

1967 Lem Barney CB-Def. Rookie of the Year:
1978 Al Baker DE -Def. Rookie of the Year:

1959 Nick Pietrosante RB-Off. Rookie of the Year
1960 Gail Cogdill WR-Off. Rookie of the Year
1967 Mel Farr RB-Off. Rookie of the Year
1968 Earl McCullouch WR-Off. Rookie of the Year
1980 Billy Sims RB-Off. Rookie of the Year
1989 Barry Sanders RB-Off. Rookie of the Year

1994 Barry Sanders RB-Off. Player of the Year:
1997 Barry Sanders RB-Off. Player of the Year:

1944 Frank Sinkwich HB-Most Valuable Player
1960 Joe Schmidt LB-Most Valuable Player
1997 Barry Sanders RB-Most Valuable Player

Retired Numbers

7 Earl Clark QB 1934-1938
20 Lem Barney CB 1967-1977
20 Billy Sims RB 1980-1984
20 Barry Sanders RB 1989-1998
22 Bobby Layne QB 1950-1958
37 Doak Walker HB 1950-1955
56 Joe Schmidt LB 1953-1965
85 Chuck Hughes WR 1970-1971
88 Charlie Sanders TE 1968-1977

Gridiron Heroes

Forward down the field,
A charging team that will not yield,
And when the Blue and Silver wave,
Stand and cheer the brave!
Rah! Rah! Rah!
Go hard win this game!
With honor you will keep your fame!
Down the field and gain,
A Lion victory!

100 Yard Rushers

Barry Sanders 77 Times
Billy Sims 23 Times
James Stewart 9 Times
Kevin Jones 7 Times
Nick Pietrosante 6 Times
Dexter Bussey 5 Times
Mel Farr 5 Times
James Jones 4 Times
Altie Taylor 4 Times
Bob Hoernschemeyer 3 Times
Steve Owens 3 Times
Tom Watkins 3 Times
Lew Carpenter 2 Times
John Henry Johnson 2 Times
Rick Kane 2 Times
Horace King 2 Times
Amos Marsh 2 Times
Shawn Bryson 1 Time
Lawrence Gaines 1 Time
Gene Gedman 1 Time
Greg Hill 1 Time
Garry James 1 Time
Bobby Layne 1 Time
Dan Lewis 1 Time
Eric Lynch 1 Time
T.J. Duckett 1 Time
Don McIlhenny 1 Time
Derrick Moore 1 Time

300 Yard Passers

Scott Mitchell 8 Times
Bobby Layne 5 Times
John Kitna5 Times
Gary Danielson 4 Times
Charlie Batch 3 Times
Joey Harrington 3 Times
Eric Hipple 3 Times
Gus Frerotte 2 Times
Erik Kramer 2 Times
Earl Morral 2 Times
Rodney Peete 2 Times
Ty Detmer 1 Time
Bob Gagliano 1 Time
Dave Krieg 1 Time
Greg Landry 1 Time
Chuck Long 1 Time
Milt Plum 1 Time